Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Time #1 Reunited

Good Day fellow bloggers!!! It’s a very nice day!

Welcome to FAMILY TIME!!!

I’ve been very nervous launching this meme and now I am more nervous starting it!

So how was everybody’s weekend? Mine was ecstatic!

Hahaha I know, I know my definition was exaggerated but what can I do If that’s how I feel? Oh, just let me use it okay? Heheheheheh please understand my situation…LOL.

Let me share you our FAMILY TIME for the first time ever after 8 months of waiting….

Last Saturday, we didn’t go out, we just stayed at home, played with the kids, watch movies and then accompanied Daddy to auto zone to buy something for ANDY- our car. And accompanied him again cleaning the car. After then we went home, have lunch together and then take a walk in our village. Sounds boring? Actually it’s not as long as were together.


daddy and kids cleaning ANDY

6pm walk…

SUNDAY morning after our breakfast, we headed to the park. Kids and I were excited because it’s our first time to visit a park in here. In the Philippines, when you go to the park you expect a lot of people but what I saw was different, it was funny because most of the people in there were adults fishing haha and my kids are the only kids that day. I dunno maybe because of the location or the time because were early or maybe there’s a better park. :D But that’s okay coz we enjoyed our day anyway.

daddy and Ehan

Ishi and Daddy

Kids and Mom

We didn’t finished our day with that park, after our snack in the afternoon, we went outside again and look what we have discovered?

a mini hill (at the back) near our house

Time to do something wild…dad doing his hand stand.

Now it’s time for us to think of what we are going to do…

I rolled down the hill :D

Ishi’s turn..cartwheel!

Ethan also rolled down the hill :) )

Finally after that long tiring day (not for the kids) but for us….we finally have to sleep early for daddy has to work the next day. But before we finally rest…I got my tripod ready for some picture tripping :)

My FAMILY in our matching PJ’s :)

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