Monday, March 21, 2011

FAMILY TIME on Mondays!

Welcome to FAMILY TIME everyone!

This is my first MEME for almost 3 years of blogging. I really wanted to do this a long time ago but I have no time, no guts to start and I can’t think of a nice theme. Then our family story (please browse this website) inspired me to have one – “Family Time”.

My husband has been separated from us for almost 9 months, he has to go to US for work, we were supposed to be with him but we have to sacrifice some things for us to be able to start smoothly when we get there. We all know moving to US (not permanently yet) is not that easy if you have not enough money not to mention if you have two kids to take care of like us and so we waited 8 months before we got reunited again! We missed so much time together and now we have to catch up!

Back when we were in the Philippines, we used to go out every weekend and have some ‘family time’. But when we don’t have budget, we were just staying at home, watch movie together, eat merienda (snack) together and that’s it, we can always spend a very special FAMILY TIME. But don’t get me wrong, weekend is not the only time we can spend time for our family, everyday is actually a family time for me. As long as the members of the family (that is with you) were gathered together, done things together, spent time together like when you eat your meal everyday, is already a family time right? No matter how busy us parents, I know we always come to think of ideas that can make our family gathered together.

There are plenty of stuff we could share here, every simple memories together counts! Weather it’s from the past, or from your everyday up-to-date experiences with your family is appreciated especially when you share it with PHOTOS!

So what are you waiting for? Share you FAMILY TIME with us!

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