Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Baby is Now A Lady

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We can't believe our 5 year old daughter is now going to school alone, without us! She is now riding a school bus and she seem very comfortable with it and I like it though I am a little bit worried for it is first time to happen. She's been going to school for 2 years back in our country but she never go to school without either me or my mama even she have her school service already. I  am so proud of my daughter. The daddy was so excited also to know more about her daughter's first ride in a bus and he's proud and happy the our daughter made it. Few hours ago I fetched her from the bus drop off area and she looked good and fine. I guess it was just me who is very anxious :D I was laughing at myself the other week thinking of purchasing a phone for her. Yeah I know, I am over reacting. I just saw a cheap phone that is so good for her, where everything you need is in the package. So affordable and you can call a friend whenever you want since it has a flexible plan to offer. I am also thinking having a phone of her own could be the best communication between us. Those are just plan of a paranoid mom. Everybody used to say mom knows best so I was just trying to give her a a security which I think won't be necessary since she can manage her self already. Our baby is now a lady!


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where to Visit Next Summer

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My family enjoyed our long time vacation even thought we didn't go a lot of places nor even in a water park. What we did during this summer was Shop in Texas, Visit  zoos and Museum which is also my kids did enjoy. We are not yet familiar with our new place since we just got here five months ago. We visited Texas for shopping only and then we stayed in a hotel for two nights. It was not a fancy vacation but we all enjoyed it together as a family. It's actually our first time so every minute is special. But like everybody was wishing is that to have a vacation in some where that you and your family can really have fun stuff to do. Have you heard about Hiltons of Branson? My husband's team(officemates) had their summer vacation there last year. They went to one of the water park in there. He said it is a nice place and he wants us to go there sometime.  I tried researching about the different affordable package they are offering with a nice hotel to stay in.  I wish we could do that next year. I will start planning and saving for it. My family needs some leisure like this.

This photo was taken last vacation in Texas, what we did was stay in our hotel and shop at ALLEN OUTLET

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