Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recycled Items

Do you recycle things in your home? Like using your plastic bags from the groceries and make it garbage bags? What do you do with the used bottles from your condiments and softdrinks? How bout the styro foam from the meat packages?

Way back home, my mama used to collect all this trash and sell it in junk shops. She's earning some coins from those junks. I was thinking if I can do the same here in AR hahahahaha but I don't think there's such a thing like that in here.

For now, I really can't just throw them away, I am thinking of something to make them usable again. I started with the boxes, my kids love to write and draw but we have no enough business office supplies yet so for the meantime I am cutting these boxes into rectangle or square and tadah.... they have their drawing paper already!


boxes of their pancake and biscuits


Ethan drawing

See how can these junk become useful again?

Other stuff like I mentioned above were all useful to me. I am not throwing them immediately especially the bottles, they can use for storing foods or left over condiments like tomato sauce from cans, etc. Some stuff can't be recycled and can't be used for several so better throw it once you you have used it.

Try recycling too, it's fun and most importantly we're helping to save our environment.

Food Trip Friday #2 Chocolates Please!

Another happy food trip Friday everyone!

Just wanna share my secret box in the fridge - a pot of gold!



This is HERSHEY pot of gold, combination of milk and dark chocolates. Can someone give me some more chocolates but not DARK please. I know dark chocolates are better than regular chocolates, I can eat it but I am not enjoying it. But If someone wants to give me dark chocolates, I would still love and eat it don't worry. Just requesting for non-dark.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Peaceful Afternoon

I was wondering how come my surroundings were very silent yesterday afternoon. My kids just had their lunch then they played a little then I noticed they were not that hyper to play like what they used to do during that hour. I asked Ethan if he's sleepy (coz he's always having his nap time, but not that early) and he said yes so I cuddled him and scratch his back so he could be able to sleep. After few minutes, Ethan was already sleeping and to my surprise, Ate Ishi was also asleep! That's the first time she took her nap ever since we arrived here. I guess that's because she woke up early that morning when their daddy kissed her goodbye.


So this was the first time I had my peaceful afternoon even just for an hour.

Last Christmas' Gifts

Last Christmas is not so merry for us, that was the very first time we were not together. Yes it's sad but we just enjoyed it. Dad spent his christmas with his pinoy co-workers while me and my kids spent ours with dad's family. We may be far from each other but we are blessed because there are many ways to keep in touch now and for us was via SKYPE.

My kids enjoyed their gifts from their dad, a buzz light year robot for Ethan and a baby alive for Ishi. I also loved dad's gift for me - a fossil wrist watch!


Ishi was so happy to have her baby alive


Ethan can't hide his big grin when he opened Buzz :D


bragging my beautiful face, I mean my watch :D

I can't think of any affordable gift for daddy that time so I decided to make him something he can't get just anywhere and something personalized like coaches gifts. I love personalized items so I gave him a fleece blanket with our kids pictures in it. That may not be as expensive as other christmas gifts but he loved it. While were far from him, that blanket will remind him that we were always there for him. Aw! Sweet.

Here's the fleece blanket, now that were here, my kids love to use it.





Now that were all together now, I think we all got the best gift ever in this world!

I Love my New Template!

I really love how Kaye made my template...I love the color, the lay out and all! It's so ME :)

I just explained to Kaye how I like it to be, and she came with this mock up and I love it! We didn't changed anything much on this, we just added some and I will soon change the pics in the frames.

Thanks Kaye for my wonderful template and for being patient to me. :D I love your WAHMaholic blog design!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing in our Kitchen#1 Pinoy Style Spaghetti

I started practicing and or should I say inventing foods when I arrived here. I am not the type of person who love to cook maybe because I never had my own kitchen that time. But now is different, I am more excited now and inspired.

Just wanna share my Pinoy Spaghetti. It was my first time to cook spaghetti using tomato sauce and tomato paste. In the Philippines I often use ready made pinoy sweet style spaghetti sauce. I am so proud I made a sweet style using tomato sauce hahahahah!


my special ingredients, measurements based on my instincts, lol.


my pinoy style spaghetti with garlic bread


My kids and hubster love it!

Wondering what will I experimetn/cook again next time :D

Memorable Surprised Party

1 month before I leave the Philippines, I set different dates with different friends while doing my errands. I made sure I have to say bye bye to them especially to those people I haven't tagged along lately. I thought 1 month is too long, I actually can't wait to fly here already but as those days passed by, I felt like I am becoming more lonely yet excited. Lonely because I will surely miss these people. Excited of course because I already want to be with our daddy.

I will never forget these people who showed their love to me before I left. The words "i will miss you" is very touching already, but giving me a surprised despedida party is a different level. I felt like I am so special and loved. For 29 years of my life, this is only 2nd surprised party I ever had but I feel so much blessed, blessed with friends that loves me. I am very thankful to these guys! I will forever treasure this memorable party! Thank you thank you so much!

I was browsing again in our pics and I can't help myself to laugh whenever I remembered how it was happened! Joy invited Nora and I to watch a show that night as a treat for me. I was dressed up differently, it's my first time to wear hills after a long time with matching scarf. And when I entered (3o minutes late prior to our call time) Joy's unit at Legend Villas - our meeting place, I was thinking how come Nora wasn't there yet knowing her for being very punctual and one more thing was Joy wasn't dressed yet. My mind didn't bother to think about it but asked Joy instead why she's checked-in in legend villas again. She said her family just wanted to stay there and then asked me to come with her upstairs so she could dress up already. While going inside the room I was shocked when Joy turned on the light and I was like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh", not because I was surprised but because I got startled at first. Hahahahha! Imagine you were busy asking questions and suddenly these bunch of mommies popped out and shouted "surprise"!

Oh so sweet! I have this aftershock reaction that I don't know what to say nor what to do...They are so CUTE! They were all wearing pajamas! My dream party! I don't know if I told them about it already, PAJAMA party is actually my dream party! Thank you again mommies! You are all sweet! I love you!!!!

Thanks to Joy whom I think is the mastermind, she provided the venue - Legend Villas Hotel! I was lucky I have met you! Mwah!

To ALL that was there that night, Peh, Joy, Nora, Bedai, Jenny, Jingkie, Lyn, Tetcha and Jenny...thank you for all your effort. Thank you for the wonderful decors, yummy foods, wines, cake and for some additional gifts! Thanks for the Swarovski Crystal beads or whatever how it calls, I just love it Tetcha! Thanks or the dangling earrings Jenny even it seemed like your favorite, you still gave it to me and I appreciate it. Thanks for the lens cleaner Nora and thank you again Joy for my bonnet and scarf, mwah! Thanks to all of you!



more pics in my other blog :D

Till we meet again! I will surely our bonding!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Time #2 Cold Weekend

Welcome to Family time!

It's our 2nd week now ... we were few last week but I am hoping our family will grow sooner with your help ofcourse!

So, how was your weekend? The weather wasn't so good here in AR last wekend coz it's raining and super cold. We didn't have a chance to go and visit another park so here's what we have done for 2 days...

SATURDAY afternoon..


my precious...


me and my precious, I can't make them look at the camera, they're busy watching while me busy setting up my cam's timer back and forth just to take some pics of us :D

This was our alternative when we just have to stay at home during weekends. We all love to watch so we can just watch all day if we want to.

Sunday, here's the continuation of our movie marathon ...


We let the kids sleep for a while (kulet does but Ate didn't) so dad and I could do our thing (don't be so green, what I mean is that dad has to do some work and sometimes he has to play and me has to blog) before the movie marathon starts.


good thing Ishi has initiative, she took this shot while were munching dad's favorite tacos

After our diner, shower and all, we are all ready for the marathon :D


how come they were so serious? :-0


As if I don't know this shot hahahahah!

It's another great week we had, may God continue to bless us and keep us safe! Have a great day ahead!

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I also wanna share this in whatta wonderful week!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loving My New Territory

Ever since I got married, I never felt like I'm the queen of my kingdom, do you know what I mean? I'm sure if you are living with your parents or in-laws you know what I mean.

I am not against in living with in-laws, I actually love our situation back when we were in the Philippines, living in my husband's house with my in-laws is a big help for they have done so much for us and I am very thankful to them. But as a wife, I dreamed for having our own and living on our own. We have no choice back then since husband and I were both not really prepared so we stayed in his old room and start in there.

But now is a big change for us. We were totally solo now. Me, my husband and my two kiddos in our new home, alone! I so love it! I know this would be hard for me but eventually I will surely get used to it. I am already expecting cooking our own food, washing our clothes, cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house and all were all tiring but NOT for me as of the moment. Yes It's tiring but not that hard (I guess for now) coz I am enjoying it. Maybe because I am still excited and maybe because the appliances were just totally amazing! I love how the appliances works here, they're totally amazing. I love the washing machine were you can just put the used clothes and wait till the timer stops while I go online (big grin)or do another stuff and wallah...done! We are not complete on all the appliances we need yet, we still need vacuum cleaner, some utensils and water filter since we were getting water directly from the faucet. Thanks to daddy's friend who gave us a pitcher with filter on it so we have something to use now for drinking.

I am excited with our new house, this is my dream, to manage our home and do whatever I want with it!

Our place may not be as big as others but I LOVE it! This is our first HOME, my real territory!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Foor Trip Friday #1 Fabulous Cake

Hello everyone! It's my first time here!

Here's my very first entry - a channel bag and a jimmy choo shoes.

Nah,of course NOT, it's a food meme right, I'm sure I'm not lost coz my entry here is a CAKE made by a friend for another friends' birthday last week :)


Happy Food Trip Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dad's 'Pork Giniling' SOLD OUT!

Daddy did the cooking again last night!
When we arrived here, daddy was always cooking our meal (except for breakfast and rice, that's my job. lol) but Daddy is busy sometimes so I don't like bothering him to cook for us anymore and take his rest instead. Last night, I supposed to cook but he claimed the cooking before he left for work so I did let him when he came home in the evening. He seem inspired and not busy at the same time maybe because the last time he cook ADOBO for us, the kids loved it and they ate a lot!


This time he cooked 'pork giniling', I prepared the ingredients as always, coz he don't like cutting and peeling, he just wanna cook.


I let the kids join us in our kitchen, I asked them to peel off the boiled egg while me cleaning up my mess in the sink.

After few minutes, the meal is ready...


...and kids ate a lot again!


Pork Giniling - SOLD OUT!

Everybody's plate is empty except for Ishi for she had another batch of rice in her plate.

What a nice and happy dinner. I'm sure daddy was very fulfilled cooking!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet ANDY - New Member of the Family!

Before we come here in US, daddy was able to invest something important and something you can’t live without in ARKANSAS – a CAR and we called her ANDY.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sports (black)

Andy came to us last February 25th, look at the BIG smile in daddy’s face above…^___^

Daddy can’t come up with the name for her in the first few weeks until we came here then kids and dad decided to call her ANDY.

Kids love ANDY, since daddy calling it ‘bebe’ they were also calling it ‘bebe’ and Ishi said Andy is their baby sister :D Sweet! Andy is part of the family, if we don’t have her, we can’t be able to go to different places where we need to go. Andy is very useful that’s why daddy pampering her so much (with the jealous tone) lol, just kidding.

daddy wiping Andy

Anyway I also love ANDY and I wanted to drive her so soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Time #1 Reunited

Good Day fellow bloggers!!! It’s a very nice day!

Welcome to FAMILY TIME!!!

I’ve been very nervous launching this meme and now I am more nervous starting it!

So how was everybody’s weekend? Mine was ecstatic!

Hahaha I know, I know my definition was exaggerated but what can I do If that’s how I feel? Oh, just let me use it okay? Heheheheheh please understand my situation…LOL.

Let me share you our FAMILY TIME for the first time ever after 8 months of waiting….

Last Saturday, we didn’t go out, we just stayed at home, played with the kids, watch movies and then accompanied Daddy to auto zone to buy something for ANDY- our car. And accompanied him again cleaning the car. After then we went home, have lunch together and then take a walk in our village. Sounds boring? Actually it’s not as long as were together.


daddy and kids cleaning ANDY

6pm walk…

SUNDAY morning after our breakfast, we headed to the park. Kids and I were excited because it’s our first time to visit a park in here. In the Philippines, when you go to the park you expect a lot of people but what I saw was different, it was funny because most of the people in there were adults fishing haha and my kids are the only kids that day. I dunno maybe because of the location or the time because were early or maybe there’s a better park. :D But that’s okay coz we enjoyed our day anyway.

daddy and Ehan

Ishi and Daddy

Kids and Mom

We didn’t finished our day with that park, after our snack in the afternoon, we went outside again and look what we have discovered?

a mini hill (at the back) near our house

Time to do something wild…dad doing his hand stand.

Now it’s time for us to think of what we are going to do…

I rolled down the hill :D

Ishi’s turn..cartwheel!

Ethan also rolled down the hill :) )

Finally after that long tiring day (not for the kids) but for us….we finally have to sleep early for daddy has to work the next day. But before we finally rest…I got my tripod ready for some picture tripping :)

My FAMILY in our matching PJ’s :)

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