Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recycled Items

Do you recycle things in your home? Like using your plastic bags from the groceries and make it garbage bags? What do you do with the used bottles from your condiments and softdrinks? How bout the styro foam from the meat packages?

Way back home, my mama used to collect all this trash and sell it in junk shops. She's earning some coins from those junks. I was thinking if I can do the same here in AR hahahahaha but I don't think there's such a thing like that in here.

For now, I really can't just throw them away, I am thinking of something to make them usable again. I started with the boxes, my kids love to write and draw but we have no enough business office supplies yet so for the meantime I am cutting these boxes into rectangle or square and tadah.... they have their drawing paper already!


boxes of their pancake and biscuits


Ethan drawing

See how can these junk become useful again?

Other stuff like I mentioned above were all useful to me. I am not throwing them immediately especially the bottles, they can use for storing foods or left over condiments like tomato sauce from cans, etc. Some stuff can't be recycled and can't be used for several so better throw it once you you have used it.

Try recycling too, it's fun and most importantly we're helping to save our environment.

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