Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Together Again,...atlast!

I don't know if it's because of jetlag or whatever that is making me so hard to realize I was here already. I was here with my husband already...hello ARKANSAS! How come I feel li
ke in shock and don't feel anything different except for I wanna hug my husband every minute

My kids were so happy to see their dad, no matter how tired they were in our more than 24 hours trip plus the delay in NARITA Airport in JAPAN, they were still very energetic when they see their dad.

If you could only see how Ishi and Ethan ran so fast to their Daddy when they saw him...it was a touching scene. I love it!

Here are some pics taken when we arrived...

1130pm (AR time) when we arrived...

Kids ran off and hop on to their daddy!

Oh sweet little angels :)

Ishi is not yet finished with her 'paglalambing' ... fasten your seat belt and let's get some dinner!

Drive thru @ Mc Do :D

Time to go inside our New Home!

Daddy and kids' time...

Welcome to our New Home :D

We had Mc Donalds for dinner...

Daddy showed the kids' room ...

Water before going to bed...

Now time to sleep :)

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