Monday, December 27, 2010

Not so MERRY Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends!
This is our first ever FAMILY Christmas that were not together. I am not that sad but not that so merry either. Christmas just passed and it's like a normal day for me waiting for another months to pass and finally had a reason to celebrate.
Though were not complete, I am still thankful to our dear God for all the blessings He gave our family this year.We were hoping and praying to have another fruitful, happy and peaceful year ahead!

My family celebrated it the usual way, kids and I were with my inlaws. We celebrated christmas eve at my Aunt's house in QC then had a christmas day at home with husband's relatives and then with my relatives in the afternoon. My kids had a blast. Kids enjoyed the gifts they had received and given away. I guess they are more happy if their dad is with them. But it's alright, they are alright anyway. Dad is alright, I am alright, were all alright! :D

God is really good, He's with us all the time giving us strength. Few months to go....hope everything will be okay! :D

God Bless Us!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010 This Blog soon to have it's Own Domain

I bought a Domain for this blog, and decided to have it transferred to wordpress.
The soon website URL will be :D

See you in in my NEW site!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 26, 2010 I Miss You Daddy!

I miss you Daddy!
I miss you so much!
I just dunno what else to say...I just missed you so much!

Hope you having a great "thanks giving day"....

Kids are missing you so much...

They can't wait to be with you already....

We miss you!!

Take Care and see you so soon!

We LOVE you! Mwah!

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 23, 2010 '31 Days Before Christmas'

Thirty one days before Christmas, I don't know what I'm gonna feel about this. Am I gonna be happy or sad? Happy because few months to go and we'll possibly be with him in US or I will be sad because it's our first ever Christmas that he's not here with us.
I know it's sad but I am not gonna think that way. I will just think that it's okay coz this is only temporary. Just this year. (hope so) It's hard to convince myself but I had to.
He's 5 months in US already, I thought I will be more stronger but NO, the longer he's not with us, the more I becoming so WEAK. I miss daddy so much and I feel like dying. I was just entertaining and keeping myself busy.
Hope Christmas and New Year will pass immediately, I wanted them to move fast so I could be with husband already. I am so excited to hug him, kiss him, cook his favorite "merienda" I personally invented for him, I called it "Jes Sandwhich" :)
Oh God thank you for being there with us always. God Bless my Family esp my husband that is far away from us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've Got our L2 VIsa

I was so nervous not passing the US Visa application, I reviewed some of the question asked during the interview, I prepared for so many documents to show them if ever they ask for it but to my surprise, they didn't ask too much questions. What a relief. The consul that interviewed us asked some questions to my kids like "how are you" and "how old are you?". The impression I was thinking about them was total opposite that day. They said consuls were not smiling but the 2 consuls we've encountered were both smiling, maybe because I have two little angels beside me. :)

Passport with Visa

Ishi and Ethan infront of the garage before going to Embassy

Me with the Kids :)

So there....we finally have our step....wait and wait and wait...we will soon gonna be there daddy!
Thank You! Mwah! Love you and Miss you very much!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dad on it's 3rd Month

Time is so's been three months now since hubby left. Kids and I missed him so much! I am hoping things will be settled soon! How I wish everything can be rush. But no, there are so many things we have to consider first. There are so many things to think about. You know what I am talking about....MONEY matters. We have to become financially ready before settling down in US. I understand hubby doesn't want to experience shortage again and difficulty in money. I understand he's doing it for us, and we have to sacrifice some more time. I am waiting....I am patiently waiting...I wanted to help YES I am willing to help...the best thing I can contribute right now is to wait patiently and be strong. Sure I will....for my family.
I am missing him so much, I wanted to kiss him, hug him...but I still have to wait.
More months to sacrifice....please help me and my husband to stay strong. God Bless Us!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hubby's Birthday Present for Me

Thank you very much Daddy for this wonderful present!!! I so LOVE it!!!
We were so blessed that we could be able to have it now. I am so thankful talaga!
May God continue to bless us always.

My face here can't deny how happy I am with this new toy of mine hehehehe =)

I love it dad! I dunno what else to say....I am just THANKFUL thankful and thankful!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Daddy's Birthday Today

It's 1:17 AM here in the Philippines...I waited in purpose coz I wanted to greet husband on his day even only via facebook.
It's been a long time, I never noticed that 5 more days to go and he's already 2 months in the US. Let me guess what you are thinking right now?! You might wanna say congratulations to me coz I surpassed 2 months without my husband by my side? No. You're wrong. Coz until now, there were days that I am crying at night. Suppressing my feelings every now and then. It was so hard. Thanks to the series I am watching coz it makes me so busy. Thanks to my gym mates who are always laughing with me during our session. Thanks to FB who's always been my outlet. Thanks to my kids who are there with me, who are there kissing and hugging me. But honestly, as I write this, I am missing my husband so much and I can't help myself but dry.
Today is a very special day, his birthday! I am so grateful and thankful to the Lord for giving me a husband like him. That's why his birthday is so worth celebrating.
"I love you my dear husband. Happy Birthday! I miss you so much! Have a great day...enjoy your day!
How I wish we were there for you.....We love you!"

Monday, July 19, 2010

1 Month is Enough, 2 Months is Too Much, 3 Months is Dangerous, 4 Months is Poisonous!

29 days ago, same time, same date of the month I was crying so hard. Can't sleep, thinking how my life would become without you here with us. I was so sad and worried. I was so sad because you will not be here with us for few months, I was so worried because we weren't there to take care of you...I wasn't there to cook for you, give you your vitamins and prepare for your clothes. Our kids weren't there to cheer you up when you are stressed. Those days were passed and I am still feeling it. I still feel sadness in my heart. I know that few months later we will be together soon but you can't blame me for missing you so much. Been longing for your kiss and hug though you said I am luckier coz our kids were here for me to hug and kiss when I am missing you. Of course they are here and I pity you for being alone there. But still, for some reason I am still lonely.
Somehow I am happy. Happy for our kids coz I am sure you can provide them a good future. The money you just gave us when you left is quite enough for us to buy our needs and some wants for our kids. You may not be able to send us some money here for now but I'm sure sooner or later, you will and we could be able pay all our liabilities.
Somehow sad because you're not here. It's different when you're here with us. I miss watching movies with you. I miss you "playing with our kids". I missed waiting in the evening and have chit chat with you while having dinner. I miss your breath, I miss your linger. I miss all about you! 1 month only and I feel like I'm gonna die already. Thank goodness our kids were here. Thank goodness my mind is still functioning well, thinking of things we could do with our spare time together.
How many more months do I have to wait? 2? 3? oh God not 4 please!!!!
I miss you so much!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Our Time" is now "Me Time"

Remember the things we usually do together? Our bonding time? I miss those days....

I went to Let's Face It today, us usual I had Facial.
The beautician put me on the same bed where I used to lie down every time we visit there, I looked at my side, you were not there that's why now I'm missing you.
I tried to visit Index Salon, I wanna try their foot spa coz it's cheaper, it's only 99 pesos, and 50 pesos for the pedicure...I remember you always 'making tawad' to Percy Salon for the foot spa hahahahahah!!!
I saw other costumer's foot beside me with "kalyo" too and I remembered you again...hihihih =))
After that, I went to the gym, I worked out. I miss going to the gym with's been a long time.
I'm not feeling well after the 2-day gym so I decided to have a Swedish massage. "Ate Hydee" put me in the room where they casually putting the couples room. But that night it's not couple's room anymore. =(

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Forgive me for I am writing sad articles. I hate it too! But I can't bear them alone. Thanks to this blog!

BI maybe sad some times but I am more happy when imagining things in the future. I am looking forward doing these things again with you..soon! So soon! =)
I Love you! Mwah!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daddy is Sick =(

It's so sad that husband is sick for 5 days now...Last Friday he wasn't able to go to work because he's not feeling well. He tried to rest during weekends but his condition never change a bit. He already took paracetamol for his soar throat, his housemate gave him antibiotic but he still not feeling well. Monday he decided to at last visit a doctor. He's been trying to self medicate and if possible not to spent dollars for check up. (Kuripot talaga!) Thank goodness he already visited a doctor! Doctor said it was "pharyngitis"....again!?! This kind of disease loves my husband! Hope he get well soon. I am so worried about him thinking what might be his illness again. Thanks to our dear Lord for not giving him a high fever which I am so anxious about.
Now that we know his illness, I am hoping that he finally get over this 'pharyngitis' and never have any kind of sickness again.
God Bless my husband for he is alone there. No one is taking care of him. God is our only HOPE, He is the only one who could guide and protect my husband.
God Bless him oh Lord as you bless us here...many thanks to you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lonely Here Without You...

I thought I was okay....I thought emotionally I'm gonna be okay.
But how can I be okay if you are sick today?
I'm so sad I am not there to take care of I wish I could cook for you and give you your medicines.
I'm so sad I am not there to hug you whenever you're freezing...
I can't help myself but cry again...I miss you so much.

But I am surrendering all my fears and loneliness to God....
I'm sure everything is going to be okay with His help.
I'm sure everything has it's purpose...
Be strong...take care of yourself for now....
May OUR LOVE for YOU boosts your recovery.

WE LOVE YOU so much!
God Bless You always!
Mwa! Mwah! Mwah!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Flies so Fast

Daddy is already on his 13th day at Arkansas...12 days ago I was crying to death, I thought I will not make it. Thank God He's there to give me strength. Thank God I have kids as my inspiration and thank God VIDEO CALLING is existing!
We were doing fine now. But sometimes I feel like I'm still dreaming of what's happening in my life. I still can't believe we're living without husband on our side. I still can't believe he was away from us and not sure when we will surely be together.
Our plan is to go there together, but things changed for so many reasons. We plan to go after him after several months. Target month is AUGUST but it is not as easy as we plan. God Bless us. He is the only one who could say and plan things for us.
So....he's 13 days there and 13 days we're doing okay so far.
Just have to wait for more days...more weeks and months...hopefully not a year!
Can't wait anymore!!! Hahahaha! I am so excited and I miss my husband!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kids' First Video Call with Daddy

Yesterday was daddy and I first chat being far from each other. We are chatting like almost everyday when he's still in th Philippines, but this time he's in USA and I'm in the Philippines. Days are becoming more exciting for us. It's been a week now since he left and I am missing him so much as well as our kids.
Today is Saturday here so no classes, kids and dad were able to chat this morning.

Ishi laughing with her daddy =)

(Ethan playing hide and seek with daddy on cam)

I am so excited seeing them talking with their dad. Interviewing their dad, asking too many questions like, are you coming home yet? Is there a pool in there? How were you able to go in there daddy? What's the color of your car? etc. etc. I so love watching them. Daddy also toured the kids inside his house...he showed the kids his bed where he's sleeping, his own bathroom inside the room, his own TV, the kitchen, and even the laundry area lols and Ishi was like "Nice room!" with feelings. hahahahhaha!
Ishi was so funny when daddy showed his bathroom, and heard the door banging, "Mommy, sinarahan tyu ni dad!", lols. Then daddy paused for a while, we were waiting the Ishi said again "Mommy gusto ko na lumabas!", I asked "Where?", she replied "dito sa bathroom ni dad", ahhahaha! She was really imagining things like she was really there. Few seconds later still in dad's bathroom view on cam, Ishi said "Mommy naiihi ako", I told her to go to the bathroom now and pee, she said, "No gusto ko sa bowl ni daddy". Toinks!
Nakakatuwa naman i tour ang anak ko kahit sa cam lang =)
Ethan on the other hand was so happy seeing his dad on the screen as well as his face. He's playing hide and seek with daddy by blocking the cam and shouting "baaaaaaa" after removing his fingers on the cam. Ethan's aura was different, he was so happy to see his dad. He even said 'miss o na kaw daddy" (Miss ko na ikaw daddy). So sweet! I was so touch when he said that.
This conversation today made me so eager to go after him already! I was super dooper excited! Hope to get our VISA soon! =)
Gosh! What a day! I so love this day! Good day everyone! Till next time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My First Chat with Husband (6/25/2010)

Husband and I finally had a chance to chat today! Thanks to his office mate who let him borrowed his old laptop! =)
Sayang, kids are not home, they are in school! Pede sana after school ulet kaso I am going somewhere and nobody will assist them to use the computer, alangan naman mag operate sila ng PC alone hehhehe =) (pede naman...kaso pag uwi ko sira na ang PC! toinks!)
We didn't talk that much...a lil bit of chit chat while his cooking his dinner hihihhi =P He's so cute! I'm loving him so much when he's cooking ehehhe and doing other chores =)
Hope to chat with him again tomorrow same time, but that time with the kids. I'm sure they are dying to hear their daddy's voice and see their daddy's face =)

Miss you Daddy! Mwah! Take Care! We love you!!! Mwah! mwah!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My First Padala to Daddy

I am happy that there are other employees from Dad's company flying to Us every now and then. I feel like his just a few miles away from us. I can send stuff to him thru his office mates and soon he can also send something for us when someone fly back home to the Philippines.
On Friday, one of his office mate will fly to Arkansas. I sent some grocery items like de latas, peanut butter (his favorite butter), mamon (bilin ni mama), native ulam in lata like 555 mechado, menudo, laing, etc. Hope he likes it. I also send dinuguan in sachet from goldilocks hihihihi =)
Most importantly are some medicines like paracetamol, decolgen, and his kabilin bilinang 'lagundi syrup', some immodium incase his tummy fails to bear his katakawan =P and some strepsils for he always having soar throat.
Hope his friends/officemate could bring them all =)
I'm so excited to send him another padala if there's another office mate soon to fly =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

JUne 20, 2010 Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Hi daddy! How was your flight? Thanks for texting me you're there already and Thank God you're safe....anyway just wanted to greet you even we celebrated it already before you left....HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!

(advance Daddy's day celebration)

Mommy, Ishi and Ethan

Today is Sunday, Daddy is already in Arkansas. Today is our first sunday and first father's day without him. I miss him and I feel so sad but I'm okay now compared to yesterday. I'm good now especially when he texted where he was now. I feel HAPPY for him and excited. I am so proud of him. Hoping and praying for his safety everyday now that he's miles away from us. God Bless our Daddy! =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bon Voyage Daddy!

We send him to the airport this morning. I guess he already flew coz his flight is 7:40am and right now it's already 8:04am. We already talk last night, I already cried. I thought that's over. When were in the airport I am about to cry but I didn't. I don't want him to see me again crying and I don't want him to be lonely as I am. But when I got home and enter in our room....I feel so sad. This time really really sad and I can't hold my tears anymore.
I'm missing him so much. I can't help myself but cry till this moment. My tears aren't stopping from flowing. I miss you so much daddy! I know we'll be there soon but still, 2 months or 3 months is still long for me. You know how much I'm missing you even when your at office in Makati, what more now that you're gonna work in Arkansas, USA?
How I wish we just go there I wish not to experience this kind of sadness. But it already happened. All I'm asking now to our God is to take care of you. Keep you safe always and keep you happy.

I feel so guilty when I told you I will miss your lips and you said "andyan naman sila Ishi and EThan eh..buti ka pa nga may i ki-kiss eh..ako wala". You're right. I have them here and you're alone there that's why I am now sadder. I hope you will be okay from your trip till you land there in US and live there while kids and I are not there yet.
I know you'll be doing every stuff on your own now... I will not be there for a while to prepare for everything you need. I will not be there to make you coffee or milk, I will not be there to give you vitamins so please always remember to drink them okay? You have to wash your clothes, wash dishes, prepare your own food, wake up alone in bed and prepare your clothes for work, those things are not your work and I am so sad can't do it for you for a while. So please be patient and we will be there soon. Just Please stay safe and healthy.
Oh God I still can't help myself but cry. Good thing there's blog, and I'm at least comforting myself by typing every words I wanted to say. Hope you could read this as soon as you arrive there. Feel free to leave your message via comment or send emails to us. I will read them to your kids if your not online. =) We will miss you! I'm sure you're missing us too. I know....but I understand...this is just the beginning, 2-3 months sacrifice is nothing compare to our Happy future forever.
Again, Just please keep your self safe, okay? Please take care of yourself for now....We will be there soon to take care of you. We love you daddy! We miss you! Please keep in touch and share your experience with us.
See you soon!!!! We LOVE you!!! MWah!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Step: Daddy Flying to Arkansas w/o Us

Been waiting for how many months already, we were expecting to leave the Philippines last April. We were all excited but due to some delay of processing of papers some change of plans happened. Daddy and Me and the kids were not be able to go to Arkansas together this month. Daddy will be leaving this Saturday, June 19th. Unfortunately can't be able to go with him yet. We have so many things to do and need to consider before we go after him.
First we have to process our papers - our VISA. Next is our ticket, air fare is kinda huge amount. Third is our apartment in there and others.
We may not go there with daddy yet, were still happy that our dreams is now in progress...can't wait for the next step. =)
God Bless Us.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can't Wait To MOVE to our Next HOME

I Started to imagine things when daddy said to me the good news...he always tells me about the offers from his company but nothing became official yet until this one came. He has L2 working Visa offer for 2 years at Arkansas, USA. I know some things are hard but for me, this is a good opportunity for my husband and my kids. I know it's hard to adjust but that is just in the beginning. I know this blessing was given by God and we have to accept it. There maybe some challenges awaits us there but I am more willing to adjust and sacrifice some things just to have this opportunity and chance of living a normal life. When I say Normal Life its living on our own, we will have our own house even if we're only renting for sure, hoping to have our own car too, we will have our privacy, we can be able to discipline our kids on our way, we could eat on our dining table, and so on and so forth. I'm expecting a big change and I can't wait till that day comes. I know God is there to protect us, I know God will always be there for us no matter what.... I can say I am ready now and I can;t wait to MOVE in to our Next HOME! =)
God Help Us!