Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've Got our L2 VIsa

I was so nervous not passing the US Visa application, I reviewed some of the question asked during the interview, I prepared for so many documents to show them if ever they ask for it but to my surprise, they didn't ask too much questions. What a relief. The consul that interviewed us asked some questions to my kids like "how are you" and "how old are you?". The impression I was thinking about them was total opposite that day. They said consuls were not smiling but the 2 consuls we've encountered were both smiling, maybe because I have two little angels beside me. :)

Passport with Visa

Ishi and Ethan infront of the garage before going to Embassy

Me with the Kids :)

So there....we finally have our step....wait and wait and wait...we will soon gonna be there daddy!
Thank You! Mwah! Love you and Miss you very much!


  1. most say it's hard nowadays to acquire a US Visa so Congratulations!
    i like the attire of Ethan ang cute :D

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  2. waw congrats sana makaalis na kayo agad :)