Monday, July 19, 2010

1 Month is Enough, 2 Months is Too Much, 3 Months is Dangerous, 4 Months is Poisonous!

29 days ago, same time, same date of the month I was crying so hard. Can't sleep, thinking how my life would become without you here with us. I was so sad and worried. I was so sad because you will not be here with us for few months, I was so worried because we weren't there to take care of you...I wasn't there to cook for you, give you your vitamins and prepare for your clothes. Our kids weren't there to cheer you up when you are stressed. Those days were passed and I am still feeling it. I still feel sadness in my heart. I know that few months later we will be together soon but you can't blame me for missing you so much. Been longing for your kiss and hug though you said I am luckier coz our kids were here for me to hug and kiss when I am missing you. Of course they are here and I pity you for being alone there. But still, for some reason I am still lonely.
Somehow I am happy. Happy for our kids coz I am sure you can provide them a good future. The money you just gave us when you left is quite enough for us to buy our needs and some wants for our kids. You may not be able to send us some money here for now but I'm sure sooner or later, you will and we could be able pay all our liabilities.
Somehow sad because you're not here. It's different when you're here with us. I miss watching movies with you. I miss you "playing with our kids". I missed waiting in the evening and have chit chat with you while having dinner. I miss your breath, I miss your linger. I miss all about you! 1 month only and I feel like I'm gonna die already. Thank goodness our kids were here. Thank goodness my mind is still functioning well, thinking of things we could do with our spare time together.
How many more months do I have to wait? 2? 3? oh God not 4 please!!!!
I miss you so much!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Our Time" is now "Me Time"

Remember the things we usually do together? Our bonding time? I miss those days....

I went to Let's Face It today, us usual I had Facial.
The beautician put me on the same bed where I used to lie down every time we visit there, I looked at my side, you were not there that's why now I'm missing you.
I tried to visit Index Salon, I wanna try their foot spa coz it's cheaper, it's only 99 pesos, and 50 pesos for the pedicure...I remember you always 'making tawad' to Percy Salon for the foot spa hahahahahah!!!
I saw other costumer's foot beside me with "kalyo" too and I remembered you again...hihihih =))
After that, I went to the gym, I worked out. I miss going to the gym with's been a long time.
I'm not feeling well after the 2-day gym so I decided to have a Swedish massage. "Ate Hydee" put me in the room where they casually putting the couples room. But that night it's not couple's room anymore. =(

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Forgive me for I am writing sad articles. I hate it too! But I can't bear them alone. Thanks to this blog!

BI maybe sad some times but I am more happy when imagining things in the future. I am looking forward doing these things again with you..soon! So soon! =)
I Love you! Mwah!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daddy is Sick =(

It's so sad that husband is sick for 5 days now...Last Friday he wasn't able to go to work because he's not feeling well. He tried to rest during weekends but his condition never change a bit. He already took paracetamol for his soar throat, his housemate gave him antibiotic but he still not feeling well. Monday he decided to at last visit a doctor. He's been trying to self medicate and if possible not to spent dollars for check up. (Kuripot talaga!) Thank goodness he already visited a doctor! Doctor said it was "pharyngitis"....again!?! This kind of disease loves my husband! Hope he get well soon. I am so worried about him thinking what might be his illness again. Thanks to our dear Lord for not giving him a high fever which I am so anxious about.
Now that we know his illness, I am hoping that he finally get over this 'pharyngitis' and never have any kind of sickness again.
God Bless my husband for he is alone there. No one is taking care of him. God is our only HOPE, He is the only one who could guide and protect my husband.
God Bless him oh Lord as you bless us here...many thanks to you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lonely Here Without You...

I thought I was okay....I thought emotionally I'm gonna be okay.
But how can I be okay if you are sick today?
I'm so sad I am not there to take care of I wish I could cook for you and give you your medicines.
I'm so sad I am not there to hug you whenever you're freezing...
I can't help myself but cry again...I miss you so much.

But I am surrendering all my fears and loneliness to God....
I'm sure everything is going to be okay with His help.
I'm sure everything has it's purpose...
Be strong...take care of yourself for now....
May OUR LOVE for YOU boosts your recovery.

WE LOVE YOU so much!
God Bless You always!
Mwa! Mwah! Mwah!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Flies so Fast

Daddy is already on his 13th day at Arkansas...12 days ago I was crying to death, I thought I will not make it. Thank God He's there to give me strength. Thank God I have kids as my inspiration and thank God VIDEO CALLING is existing!
We were doing fine now. But sometimes I feel like I'm still dreaming of what's happening in my life. I still can't believe we're living without husband on our side. I still can't believe he was away from us and not sure when we will surely be together.
Our plan is to go there together, but things changed for so many reasons. We plan to go after him after several months. Target month is AUGUST but it is not as easy as we plan. God Bless us. He is the only one who could say and plan things for us.
So....he's 13 days there and 13 days we're doing okay so far.
Just have to wait for more days...more weeks and months...hopefully not a year!
Can't wait anymore!!! Hahahaha! I am so excited and I miss my husband!