Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dream and WIN $10,000!

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Everybody has a dream, Have you ever dream of winning 10,000 dollars? That's right! You heard it right 10,000 dollars only by just sharing your dreams! I joined this contest to share my greatest dreams for my family and hoping to have a chance to win this pot money!

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Here's my Entry :

by Jes Lising

When I was a kid, my father used to say I will become a businesswoman, a nurse, a commerce graduate, a good accountant and a teacher. My father believed in a 8 year old kid who has already a small business - a store. I used my 20 pesos to buy some candies and hang it in our window like a real store was. And when I used to remember such things I realized that Words are really powerful! Sadly he passed when I was only 9 years old and he wasn't there when I started to build that dreams he believed I will be.

When I was in Elementary I dreamt of becoming a nurse, then when I became high school I dreamt of becoming an accountant then a teacher and so when I graduated I took BSE or Bachelor in Science of Education. But my destiny doesn't like in that course, I happened to shift course and graduated as BS Psychology. As BS Psychology graduate, my teaching dream pursued. That was my first job ever - Preschool Assistant Teacher and that was an awesome experience! After that I became an Admin Assistant, and then an assistant guidance counselor, a realtor and now a stay at home mom and a part time writer/blogger.

I have two wonderful kids, a girl who is turning 6 soon and a boy who is now 4 year old. They are both clever, good, happy and beautiful kids. As a mom who grow up with a poor family. Lived with my grand parents in province and away from my mother and other siblings. I have experienced every kind of challenges that a 9 year old kid shouldn't be experiencing. But despite of those experiences, I strived hard to finish my studies and I can proudly say I did well! Now that I have kids, I don't want them to experience what I experienced. I want them to be strong like me, YES but not in that way. I want them to pursue their studies while my husband and I can provide for them. I want them to enjoy their childhood coz I didn't experienced that. I want them to eat nutritious foods, experience luxury, sleep in an air conditioned room with a soft bed surrounded by a lots of toys! But I still want to learn how to gain all those stuff in a hard way. They have to work for everything they want. I want them to learn patience. They have to study hard, finish college and then work and then establish their own business. Whatever course they want is up to them. I am wishing for their DREAMS come true!

So here's how to enter, you don't have to purchase anything at all. This contest started last July 29, 2011 and will run until September 29, 2011 11:59:59 PM EDT. Just go to or and submit the online entry form you'll find in the dream wall official rules. Easy as a pie right? So what are you waiting for? Let's share our dream and win $10,000!!!!!

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