Friday, February 24, 2012

My New Discovery - CLIPIX!

I just had my new phone last week. I thought I will not be needing a phone that's why It tool me several months to decide. I am not buying a phone for some reasons such as I am always at home, I have home phone to use and besides, I have laptop to connect with my friends and relatives! But lately, I decided to buy already coz I started going out more often and I need a phone to contact my companion incase I got lost. I also need a phone coz I am applying for a job now and soon I am expecting I will be busy hitting the road and going to different places. But guess what I am enjoying most for having a new phone? I don't need my laptop  to use Facebook even when I am outside! What more fun is that  I can post photos on the spot and read anything I need to read anytime, anywhere! Isn't cool? Lately I am busy downloading different applications and I am loving them all especially clipix! This is my latest discovery and it's so perfect for me! Perfect to organize all my stuff online! Now I can go directly to all the links I love to visit in my laptop coz they are all set up in my clipix account! I don't need to memorize the website urls and type it in when I needed! I am so glad I discover clipix! Look what I did here...



Those are just some of my plenty albums. I am not finished organizing yet, I just started with the most important first. If you are interested in organizing all your online stuff, watch the video below and get started!



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