Monday, April 18, 2011

Berkeley Residences Blessings

Berkeley Residences is finally gonna be ready on May this year. We've been waiting for almost 2 and half years and soon we will be having it already! Last week they conducted the Condo Blessing, my inlaws were there since my mom-in-law is our SPA (special power of attorney) representative while were not in there to do some document signings etc. This coming May, our unit will soon be turn over to us and then that will be the start of another expenses. First is the monthly association dues, we will be shouldering that if we accept the unit already, another thing s the electricity that has a minimum payment even if you don't use it yet as long as you accepted the unit already. Another form of expenses that will be soon coming is the beautification of the unit before we lease it. We will start with the air condition installation
Tile floor installation

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