Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids New Beyblade Set

Before we got here, I brought so many toys with us because Daddy said that he will not buy toys for our kids for the meantime because we need to save for more than important things. I will never forget that I carried 3 luggage and 2 kids with me because of that toys and look at Daddy buying new toys for them! Oh well, I should say daddy is still a daddy. Who doesn't want to give his kids happiness?

My kids love to have this beyblade thing since they saw it from the 'kuyas' their new friends here in AR. It's been three weeks and atlast, they have their own beyblade! I wish they would take care of it and play with it properly. Look at the three of them having fun playing with their new toys while me having fun playing with my SLR :)

Photobucketkids love it!
Photobucketand even the dad loved it too! :P

The three of Them enjoying the New Beyblade!

Now I know why Daddy bought these toys....

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